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Required Hardware

If you are taking this course, or interested in working through the course yourself, you will need (at least) the following pieces of hardware.

The Berea Contrast House

In this course, we will be working hands-on with electricity and electronics. The majority of our work will take place in the Berea Contrast House. This model house was developed by, …, and … in conjunction with Berea College.

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The Freeduino

We need a microcontroller (a small computer) to sense and automate our model homes. For this course, we will be using the Arduino.

Arduino Duemilanove

The Arduino costs approximately $20. What makes it special is that the design is free and open. This means that no one “owns” the Arduino design, and that many people can make their own versions. In this course, we used the Freeduino, purchased as a kit from NKC Electronics.

Freeduino V1.22